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Our Simplified & Seamless Systems ensure a faster
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Licensure | Credentialing | Enrollment Applications.

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    Say Goodbye to
    Licensure | Credentialing & Enrollment Processes!

    Our focused approach on these Processes using Technology and steered by a highly experienced team allows us to get faster results.

    • Industry Research shows that a Credentialing & Enrollment application can take upto 30man hours per application including follow ups. We do this in half the time.
    • At Apaana, we file applications within 24hours of receiving your work order. This reduction in time to file applications helps significantly. Not only that, we also ensure your applications are processed in a timely manner by the relevant authorities and payers.

    Why Apaana?

    We handle the paperwork while your team focuses on providing the best care.

    Infrastructure Technology

    We use technology extensively to increase efficiency by at least 50%.

    Tracking Technology

    Reduction in time spent by Provider by at least 40%.

    Application Technology

    AI & Bot Technology is being beta tested and resulted in reduction of filing time by at least 50%.


    Apaana Specialists have a minimum 10+ years of experience and have worked across most specialties.

    Dedicated Project Manager

    The buck stops here!

    Sincere & Passionate Team

    You can easily guage this when you speak and work with us. We have filed 230K applications for our clients.

    360° Professional Services Suite

    Licensure | Credentialing & Enrollment

    Partner with Apaana for faster Licensure | Credentialing & Enrollment conclusions.

    We build the most effect payer network for you.

    Revenue Cycle Management

    Our customized “Front End | Mid Cycle | Back End Revenue Cycle” service options allow you to access an expert team at a fair value. We do both SAVE you $$$ and EARN YOU $$$.

    Say hello to Accelerated revenue recovery and goodbye to time-consuming processes

    You choose, we deliver
    Simplified in a few clicks
    Real time tracking Apaana-PULSE®
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    Experienced across an Extensive Payer Network

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    Apaana Pulse

    Our proprietary tool enables super quick onboarding and gives you 100% visibility with real time dashboards about your service requests.

    Modio Health OneView

    For credentialing, your profiles and processes are built and managed by us on Modio OneView, our alliance partner for credentialing and enrollment.



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