What does Apaana mean?

Apaana aims to build a positive social impact as part of its business model.


Apaana Healthcare is dedicated to advancing operational excellence in healthcare services management worldwide through cutting-edge technology.

Our unique value lies in our nuanced understanding of the diverse skills needed to run a sophisticated healthcare enterprise. We’ve invested significantly in curating, organizing, and delivering this expertise to our clients through a practical, streamlined, and cost-effective framework.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive suite of outsourced services for health plans, covering member enrollment and engagement, claims administration, and provider enrollment and engagement.

Our Vision
To simplify and streamline Credentialing, Coding & RCM.
To address challenges in the Healthcare Industry with comprehensive solutions.
To empower providers to navigate the evolving Healthcare environment successfully.

Our Mission
To drive efficiency, quality, and compliance for top-notch operational excellence.
To enhance practice profitability by providing innovative solutions with expertise.
To make your experience with us as convenient as breathing.

Our Vision

  • To make Credentialing, Coding & RCM Simple & Seamless.
  • To provide comprehensive solutions to the challenges in the Healthcare Industry.
  • To enable providers to successfully navigate the ever-evolving Healthcare environment.

Our Mission

  • To drive efficiency, quality, and compliance enabling you to focus on providing high-quality patient care.
  • To make your practice more profitable by providing you with innovative solutions with our in-depth knowledge and expertise.
  • To make your experience with us as convenient as breathing.

Core Values


Choose from our diverse healthcare insurance panels and experience easy onboarding with minimal information required to unlock growth in patient volume, practice, and revenue.


Live status of your current healthcare credentialing application is always visible for enrollment with the payors. We are available at the click of a button to engage and explain.

Client Centric

Maximize your operational efficiency with our cutting-edge technology, empowering you to navigate healthcare credentialing ,enrollment and revenue cycle management seamlessly.