Apaana aims to build a positive social impact as part of its business model.

Our CSR efforts and DEI initiatives are a result of the contribution of 1% of all revenue Apaana generates.


CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility

Apaana Values are Sincerity, Devotion, and Professionalism in all that we do, every day at work. We believe in building a healthier and happier community, together. Here are some initiatives which are close to our heart and define the pulse.

  • Supporting Education for Female Children
  • Sponsoring the infrastructure of a school for children with special needs
  • Educating parents of children with Special needs from economically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Apaana Community members actively engage in community welfare work

DEI- Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Apaana we believe passionately that diverse and inclusive companies make for more innovative, engaged, and happy organisations.

We recognize how essential Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) ethos are in creating a secure and pleasant atmosphere for everyone in the team.

We are proud to foster an environment in which everyone feels accepted and respected. We firmly believe in building an atmosphere of trust and understanding between all our stakeholders for a better and more meaningful experience, every day!

  • We welcome individuals of different religion, abilities and sexual orientations
  • We actively seek candidates from ethnically diverse population
  • We ensure there is equality of Gender at our workplace

We ensure a non-discriminatory environment for our employees.